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LEAD STRONG: Women in Banking is designed to encourage, support and inspire women to succeed in the workplace. The SDBA strives to connect to all levels of staff interested in the enhancement and career growth of women in the South Dakota banking industry. 

BankHER Bulletin

BankHER Bulletin

The BankHER Bulletin is SDBA's quarterly newsletter dedicated to the extraordinary women in banking. Within these pages, uncover timely updates and pertinent insights crafted for professionals like you in this industry. Our goal extends beyond mere information; we seek to enrich it with inspiration, enjoyment, and encouragement. Always remember: you matter. 

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Summer | Volume 2 | No. 2
Spring| Volume 2 | No. 1


Winter | Volume 1

SDBA 2024 Lead Strong: Women In Banking Conference

September 25-26, 2024 | Sioux Falls