Photo of State CapitolLegislation and Lobbying

The SDBA assertively represents South Dakota banks of all sizes and serves as the voice for the industry in the South Dakota Legislature and with the state’s congressional delegation.

The SDBA’s legislative efforts include drafting, monitoring and supporting legislation beneficial to banks or opposing that which is detrimental, both in South Dakota and in Washington, D.C. SDBA staff and legal counsel are involved in the ongoing review of regulatory issues, both on the state and national level, which may affect the commercial banking industry in South Dakota. To help bankers stay current on banking issues during the State Legislative Session, the SDBA produces two weekly publications.

For more information on SDBA's lobbying efforts, contact SDBA President Karl Adam at 605.224.1653.

2024 South Dakota Legislature

Stay current on legislative issues of importance to the banking industry during the South Dakota Legislature by reading the SDBA's weekly Legislative Update and Legislative Bill Watch. To sign up for email notifications when the publications are posted, contact Laura Norton.

SDBA Legislative Update: The Legislative Update is a recap of weekly key legislative action. 

March 8, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
March 1, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Feb. 23, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Feb. 15, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Feb. 9, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Feb. 2, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Jan. 26, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Jan. 19, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast
Jan. 12, 2024 Update PDF | Legislative Update Podcast 

SDBA Legislative Bill Watch: The Legislative Bill Watch tracks the status of bills which the SDBA is monitoring.

March 8, 2024 Bill Watch
March 1, 2024 Bill Watch
Feb. 23, 2024 Bill Watch
Feb. 15, 2024 Bill Watch
Feb. 9, 2024 Bill Watch
Feb. 2, 2024 Bill Watch
Jan. 26, 2024 Bill Watch
Jan. 19, 2024 Bill Watch
Jan. 12, 2024 Bill Watch

South Dakota Legislative Research Council 
The South Dakota Legislative Research Council (LRC) is the official website of the South Dakota Legislature. There, you will find information on state legislators, legislative sessions from 1997 to present, the South Dakota Constitution, South Dakota codified laws, administrative rules, and other information regarding the Legislature. Visit LRC's website.