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Products and service offerings are an important part of the South Dakota Bankers Association membership. The SDBA is ever alert for viable companies of benefit to the SDBA banking community to encourage to join the Association.

Endorsed Vendors
The SDBA endorses and promotes products and services that have been thoroughly reviewed and were selected based on their ability to meet the SDBA’s high expectations for quality and service.

Associate Members
SDBA associate members are board-approved organizations that provide significant and ongoing services to the South Dakota banking industry.

Compliance Alliance
Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an ever-increasing set of bank compliance tools and services that help them stay up-to-date with federal consumer and regulatory requirements.

Office Depot Partner Program
The SDBA and Office Depot have partnered to bring SDBA members the Office Depot Partner Program. Employees of an SDBA bank or associate member are also able to take advantage of the program's great benefits.

IntraFi Network
Having built the largest bank network of its kind, IntraFi Network is a trusted ally to community banks that never competes with banks for their customers and that helps them to attract and maintain valuable customer relationships, grow reciprocal deposits, manage liquidity and generate fee income, diversify funding and reduce collateralization.

Scenes of South Dakota Calendar
Exclusive to SDBA member banks and associate members, the Scenes of South Dakota Calendar features photos of South Dakota submitted by South Dakota bankers, their family members and customers.

Thumbprint Signature Program
The SDBA offers the Thumbprint Signature Program to banks and retailers across the state.

Bank Classified Ads
The SDBA lists classified ads for free for members and for a fee for non-members.

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