February, 2018

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SBS Cybersecurity

{Blog} Four Steps to Better Business Continuity Plan Testing

If you’ve never enacted your BCP, it’s hard to be confident that your plan will be sufficient. Testing helps to continuously improve your ability to successfully recover from various scenarios. Follow these steps to build a better BCP testing program and ensure you are prepared for any situation.

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{Featured Certification} Certified Banking Security Executive

This course will assist you in developing and managing an entire information security program framework to take back to your institution.

  • Course opens 2/11/2019
  • Price: $1,295
  • Online/On-demand
  • Self-paced
  • Allowed 10 weeks to complete
  • Duration: 3 Lab Exercises / Final Exam
  • Learn More


  • Gain a better understanding of the key elements of an Information Security Program.
  • Make more informed decisions about risk mitigating activities.
  • Be empowered to ask the right security questions.
  • Design roles and responsibilities for effective cybersecurity governance.


  • Hot Topics in Technology, Security, and Fraud
  • Risk Management
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Audit Programs
  • Governance
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{More Certifications}

  • CB Cybersecurity Manager
    Course Opens Feb 19

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  • CB Forensic Investigator
    Course Opens Feb 26
    Learn More

  • CB Vendor Manager
    Course Opens Mar 6

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  • CB Ethical Hacker
    Course Opens Mar 12
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02/01 - Writing an Effective Credit Memorandum

02/04 - Advanced Cash Flow Analysis

02/05 - Fair Lending - Do Your Lenders Know the Requirements?

02/05 - Records Management and Retention

02/06 - Introduction to Internal Audit

02/06 - Opening New Accounts Part 1: Personal/Consumer Accounts

02/06 - Opening New Accounts - 3-Part Series

02/07 - Call Report Update Seminar & Video Webcast

02/07 - Preparing a New Manager for Success

02/07 - Alert! Regulation CC Proposed Changes

02/08 - Call Report for Banks - Recent Changes, Highlights, and Pitfalls

02/11 - CRE Appraisals: Regulations and the Review Process

02/12 - What to Do When a Customer Dies

02/12 - CRA Nuts & Bolts - Five Steps to Pass the Exam

02/13 - Loan Documentation: Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

02/13 - Opening New Accounts Part II: Business Accounts

02/14 - Problem Loan Identification

02/14 - 8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling

02/15 - Writing Effective Business Reports

02/19 - Responsibilities of the Information Security Officer

02/19 - Opening New Accounts Part III: Trust and Fiduciary

02/20 - Top 25 Safe Deposit Compliance Issues

02/20 - BSA Emerging Issues 2019

02/21 - Open-Ended Lines of Credit - Compliance Issues

02/21 - Legal Issues of Checks

02/22 - ACH Rule of Changes: What's New in 2019

02/25 - Excel Explained: Minimized Spreadsheet Errors

02/26 - Opening Minor Accounts

02/26 - Onboarding Your New Hire

02/27 - TRID for Beginners

02/27 - W-9, W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E Forms and Info

02/28 - Federal Benefit Payments Garnishment Requirements

02/28 - Alert! Prepaid Accounts Final Rule Effective April 1, 2019

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02/05 - Top Strategies for Community Banks in 2019

02/05 - Business Law Basics and Lender Liability

02/05 - Analyzing the Company's Liquidity Using the Cash Conversion Cycle

02/06 - Loan Structure, Documentation and Compliance Training - a Comprehensive Approach

02/06 - Becoming an Employer of Choice

02/07 - Cash Management: How Sales, Operations and Technology Can Work Together to Generate More Fee Income

02/13 - Top 10 IRA Issues

02/14 - Building an Effective Marketing Plan

02/14 - Compelling Advertising for Community Banks

02/15 - Cybersecurity 101 - Board Basics

02/19 - Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow: Analyzing Income-Producing or Rental Real Estate, Plus Global Cash Flow Issues (Part 1)

02/19 - Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Reviewing and Interpreting (Part 1)

02/19 - Developing Personal and Global Cash Flow from Tax Returns (Part 1)

02/20 - IRA Transfers and Rollovers

02/21 - Growing Long-Term Retail Deposits - General Overview

02/21 - Enhancing the Customer Experience

02/26 - Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow: Analyzing Income-Producing or Rental Real Estate, Plus Global Cash Flow Issues (Part 2)

02/26 - Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers Correctly

02/26 - Basic Estate Planning and Estate Settlement

02/26 - Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Reviewing and Interpreting (Part 2)

02/26 - Developing Personal and Global Cash Flow from Tax Returns (Part 2)

02/27 - Establishing and Amending IRAs

02/27 - The Essentials of On-Boarding

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Upcoming 2019 GSB Schools

The Graduate School of Banking is wrapping up a terrific year of educating bankers and creating leaders in the industry. We're proud of our success this year and are enthusiastically looking ahead to hosting an array of exceptional programs in 2019. 
Now is the time to budget and make plans to include these outstanding learning opportunities in your bank's professional development plan. 
Applications are currently being accepted for the following 2019 programs: 
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ABA Training

Upcoming Expert-Led Live Briefings

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Web-Based Professional Suites

IRA Online Institute

Start Date - February 25, 2019

Member Price - $1,595
This course is a comprehensive, 12-week, web-based IRA training program developed and supported by Ascensus’ experienced instructors. This innovative training program teaches you in-depth, essential IRA information, and is the only approved online training program that prepares you to take the Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Administer traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as SEP and SIMPLE plans
  • Identify eligibility requirements, handle contributions, distributions and set-up requirements for traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as SEP and SIMPLE plans
  • Understand and manage rollovers, transfers and required minimum distributions
  • Describe beneficiary options and facilitate beneficiary transactions


This course is intended for IRA Services Professionals with one to two years’ experience or for those preparing for the CISP exam.

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ABA Risk Management Certificates

ABA certificate programs build the skills necessary for career advancement.
Through a prescribed course of study, certificates provide practical, tailored knowledge specific to a job role in the bank.

Programs are continually reevaluated and refined to meet current needs and changes in the industry.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Find the Perfect Risk Management Certificate to Advance Your Career!

Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance

Member Price: $1,595

Improve your ability to detect and prevent suspicious and criminal activity with this overview of the types of criminal behavior commonly used against banks.

ABA Professional Certifications: 8.75 CAFP; 8.75 CRCM; 7.75 CFSSP; 3.25 CTFA; 2.0 CCTS; 1.25 CSOP​

Certificate in Fraud Prevention

Member Price: $795

In-depth training on the applicable U.S. laws and regulations governing fraud, and an overview of the types of criminal behavior commonly used against banks.

ABA Professional Certifications: 6.75 CAFP, CERP, CFSSP; 2.0 CRCM

Certificate in Operational Risk Management

Member Price: $1,595

Address training needs across the bank's three lines of defense and maintain a strong operational risk management program.

ABA Professional Certifications: 9.25 CAFP; 12.75 CERP; 11.5 CRCM; 9.75 CSOP​; 5.5 CFSSP

Certificate in Risk Management Frameworks

Member Price: $1,395

New in risk management training, this certificate includes nine courses covering the entire risk management lifecycle.

ABA Professional Certifications: 9.75 CERP

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