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SBS Cybersecurity

{Blog} Security Patch Overload

The endless, Thankless Cycle of Patching

How many of us responsible for managing security patches feel a great sense of accomplishment and gratification when we install a bundle of updates, knowing that on the horizon, a new version is about to be released? When was the last time management gave out praise on a job well done for applying patches?

This endless cycle may leave many asking themselves, Why? Is there a better way? How can we improve this process?

Individuals tackling this patching feat should potentially have a more dramatic title such as "Risk Mitigation Heroes" or "Cyber Crime Stoppers." The importance of patching has never been more critical to the security of any organization, especially in today's environment, where the number of security-related patches continues to increase daily. Read more...

{Featured Certification} Certified Banking Business Continuity Professional

This course will use real-world exercises to help you build a useful and repeatable business continuity plan to take back to your institution.

  • Develop a clear understanding of a business continuity plan, which will make your work more efficient and effective.
  • Confidently implement and manage a strong business continuity plan.
  • Generate new ideas and scenarios for business continuity testing.
  • Prepare your institution for the worst case scenario.
  • Gain practical solutions for FFIEC Appendix J requirements.

Topics Include:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Complete a Business Impact Analysis
  • Complete a Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Plan Management
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Incident Response
  • Backup Planning
  • Business Continuity Testing

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  • CB Vendor Manager
    Course Opens Dec 2

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  • CB Ethical Hacker
    Course Opens Dec 11

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  • CB Vulnerability Assessor
    Course Opens Dec 18

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  • CB Security Technology Professional
    Course Opens Jan 7
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12/02 - Commercial Construction Lending

12/03 - Notary Public: More Than Just a Title

12/03 - Loan Documentation 101: Basic Secured Loan Documentation

12/03 - Loan Documentation 101: Two Part Series

12/04 - Loan Documentation 101: Lien Perfection, Business Collateral

12/04 - Information Security Programs for Banks

12/05 - Overdraft Requirements & Best Practices

12/05 - Opening Foreign Business Accounts - CIP, CDD and Risk

12/06 - Using Personal Tax Returns for Global Cashflow: What's Cashflow and What Isn't

12/09 - Outsourced Third Party (Vendor) Management

12/10 - Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Winter 2019

12/10 - Residential Construction Lending

12/11 - Excel 101: Introduction to Spreadsheets

12/11 - SAR Decision Making

12/12 - Top Fifty (50) "Most Important" Safe Deposit Procedures

12/12 - Deposit Year End Wrap Up

12/13 - Using Principles of Critical Thinking

12/13 - IRS Information Reporting: Rules and Forms

12/16 - Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis

12/16 - Preparation, Risk, and Critical Robbery Procedures

12/17 - Regulation E: Errors & Disputes

12/17 - BSA Year End Round Up

12/18 - A Banker's Responsibility Under FCRA

12/18 - Common Check Scams Against Your Customer

12/19 - Alert! Hemp Federal Interim Final Rule

12/19 - 10 Practices to Create and Present Engaging Training

12/20 - Fair Lending Laws and Regulations

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Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market
Presented by: David Osburn, on December 17 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time


Negotiation Skills for the HR Professional
Presented by: Ann Knutson, on December 12 from 1:00-2:30 p.m. Central Time


Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market
Presented by: David Osburn, on December 3 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time 

Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy
Presented by: David Osburn, on December 10 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time

Loan Documentation for Commercial Real Estate Lending Transactions
Presented by: David Osburn, on December 17 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time


Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program - ERM, IT, and Internal Controls
Presented by: Marcia Malzahn, on December 3 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time


Coaching Prospecting - How to Boost Your Team's Prospecting Results
Presented by: Ned Miller, on December 3 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Time


Business Continuity Plan Development
Presented by: Cole Ponto, on December 13 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time

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Upcoming 2020 GSB Schools

The Graduate School of Banking is wrapping up a terrific year of educating bankers and creating leaders in the industry. We're proud of our success this year and are enthusiastically looking ahead to hosting an array of exceptional programs in 2020. 

Now is the time to budget and make plans to include these outstanding learning opportunities in your bank's professional development plan.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming 2020 sessions:

Other Programs:

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ABA Training

Upcoming Expert-Led Live Briefings

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ABA Certificates

ABA certificate programs build the skills necessary for career advancement.
Through a prescribed course of study, certificates provide practical, tailored knowledge specific to a job role in the bank.

Programs are continually reevaluated and refined to meet current needs and changes in the industry.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

View all ABA Certificates

Find the Perfect ABA Certificate to Advance Your Career!

ABA Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate

Member Price: $775

A thorough review of banking, credit analysis, and legal principles that support the mortgage process, underscoring relationship sales skills in addition to the mechanics of the mortgage loan. The certificate is designed for aspiring mortgage lenders and those individuals new to the mortgage area of the bank, including mortgage loan clerks, loan processors, and closers.

ABA Professional Certifications: 1.5 CAFP, CFSSP, CRCM, CLBB; 1.25 CFMP, CSOP; 1.0 CCTS, CISP, CRSP, CTFA


  • Banking Basics Suite (12 courses)
  • Appraisal Procedures*
  • Basics of Mortgage Processing*
  • Determining Your Role in Fraud Prevention*
  • Discovering FHA Programs*
  • Effective Referrals Suite (2 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Elements of Title Insurance*
  • Essentials of Mortgage Lending*
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers​​
  • Explaining Loan Modifications*
  • Mitigating Potential Fraud in Your Organization*
  • Mortgage Customer Counseling and Prequalification
  • Personal Tax Return Analysis
  • Preparing the Closing Disclosure*
  • Preparing the Loan Estimate*
  • Processing and Underwriting Credit*
  • Processing Income and Assets*
  • Reviewing the Appraisal Report*
  • Optional: Completing the HUD-1 For Loans Not Covered Under TRID*

The estimated time to complete these 32 courses and exercises is approximately 24 hours.

ABA Universal Banker Certificate

Member Price: $795

Develop the key skills for catering to a new customer mindset. Explore multiple ways to fulfill customers’ sales, service, and referral needs as their single point-of-contact. Master cash handling and basic transactional skills. Perfect product and service sales skills. Discover ways to build relationships and create referrals to other lines of business.

ABA Professional Certifications: 1.5 CAFP, CFSSP, CRCM; 1.25 CFMP, CSOP; 1 CCTS, CISP, CLBB, CRSP, CTFA 


  • Banking Basics Suite 
  • Communication Basics Suite 
  • Dealing Effectively with Co-workers
  • Effective Meetings
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Managing Change
  • Online Communications Suite 
  • Overcoming Objections Suite 
  • Presentation Skills Suite 
  • Relationship Sales Suite 
  • Verbal Communications Suite 
  • Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite 
  • Written Communication Suite 

The estimated time to complete these 44 courses and exercises is approximately 9.5 hours. Students have access to the curriculum for 1 year from date of purchase.

Find the Perfect ABA Certificate to Advance Your Career!

Build the skills and knowledge necessary for career advancement with a certificate program in a concentrated skill set. Certificates provide practical, tailored knowledge in a particular job role.

ABA Certificates

  • Bank Financial Management
  • Bank Solutions Provider
  • Bank Teller
  • Branch Manager
  • BSA and AML Compliance
  • Business and Commercial Lending
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Deposit Compliance
  • General Banking
  • Financial and Credit Risk Management
  • Foundational Certificate in Bank Marketing
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate
  • Lending Compliance
  • Operational Risk
  • Personal Banker Certificate
  • Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Small Business Banker Certificate
  • Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Trust: Foundational
  • Trust: Intermediate
  • Trust: Advanced
  • Universal Banker
  • Wharton – Strategy
  • Wharton – Engaging and Motivating Talent
  • Wharton – Advanced Emerging Leadership
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