December, 2018

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SBS Cybersecurity

{Blog} FDIC Resource: A Community Bank Cyber Exercise

If you weren’t already aware, the FDIC has created a series of educational videos for both the Director-level and the Officer and Employee-level of its financial institutions designed to give additional insight and training around supervisory focus areas. The Technical Assistance Video Program (TAVP) can provide an excellent addition to your annual security awareness training catalog, or if your Board of Directors needs to go through some additional cybersecurity awareness training, this is a good starting point. 

Recently, the FDIC updated a section of its TAVP called the “Cyber Challenge: A Community Bank Cyber Exercise.” The goal of this resource is to encourage institutions to discuss the potential threats and the impact of disruptions on common banking functions, especially as it relates to operational risk. The FDIC covers nine (9) different scenarios in short vignettes (YouTube videos, in case you’re wondering what a “vignette” is), ranging from disaster recovery to vendor-related incident response issues. Each vignette also includes challenge worksheets designed to stimulate discussion. Including these exercises in your tabletop discussion can improve how the Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response plans work together and are updated.  At the very least, these vignettes provide additional new scenarios to talk through at the annual tabletop testing.

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{Featured Certification} Certified Banking Vendor Manager

This course includes real-world exercises to build a comprehensive vendor management program to take back to your institution.   Watch a short video from the instructor for a more detailed description of the course. 

  • Course opens 12/03/2018
  • Price: $999
  • Online/Self-paced
  • Allowed 10 weeks to complete
  • Duration: 6.5 Lecture Hours / 8 Lab Exercises / Final Exam
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  • Become a trusted expert in vendor management in the eyes of your auditor or examiner.
  • Develop a clear understanding and confidently implement a vendor selection and review process.
  • Comply with FFIEC external dependency management guidelines.


  • Vendor Breaches, Laws, and Regulations
  • Information Security Program and Risk Management
  • Selection of Vendors
  • Ongoing Vendor Management
  • Creating a Dynamic Vendor Management Program
  • Contract Structuring
  • IT Audit and Exam Preparation
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{More Certifications}

  • CB Vulnerability Assessor
    Course Opens Dec 10
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  • CB Ethical Hacker
    Course Opens Dec 10

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  • CB Mobile Administrator
    Course Opens Dec 17
    Learn More

  • CB Security Technology Professional
    Course Opens Jan 7
    Learn More

  • CB Incident Handler
    Course Opens Jan 15
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12/03 - How to Analyze the Purchase of an Existing Business

12/04 - Developing and Documenting a CRA Assessment Area

12/04 - Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers

12/05 - IRS Information Reporting: Rules and Forms

12/05 - Loan Documentation 101: Two Part Series

12/05 - Loan Documentation 101: Basic Secured Loan Documentation

12/06 - Loan Documentation 101: Lien Perfection, Business Collateral

12/06 - The Five Pillars of BSA

12/07 - Excel 101: Introduction to Spreadsheets

12/10 - Residential Construction Lending

12/11 - Notary Public

12/11 - New Account Interview Business Accounts: CIP, Risk and Beneficial Ownership

12/12 - Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Winter 2018

12/12 - Overdrafts

12/13 - Information Security Program Frameworks

12/13 - 20 Legal Account Ownerships, Titles, Sample Signature Cards and Legal Documentation

12/14 - The Do's and Don'ts of Signature Card Contracts

12/17 - Preparation, Risk, and Critical Robbery Procedures

12/18 - Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes

12/18 - 10 Deadly Habits of a Dysfunctional Team and What to Do About Them

12/19 - BSA Year End Round Up

12/19 - Compliance for Commercial Lenders - Issues for the Unwary

12/20 - Common Check Scams Against Your Customer

12/20 - Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis

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12/04 - The Future of Community Banking

12/04 - Global Cash Flow Analysis: Examples, Issues and Obstacles (Part 2)

12/04 - A Practical Guide to Consumer Lending (Part 2)

12/04 - Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy

12/05 - Loan Documentation for Commercial Real Estate Lending Transactions

12/05 - Introduction to HSAs

12/05 - Build a Better BCP

12/07 - Interviewing Skills for Better Hires

12/10 - Coaching Prospecting - How to Boost Your Team's Prospecting Results

12/11 - Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market

12/11 - Global Cash Flow Analysis: Examples, Issues and Obstacles (Part 3)

12/11 - A Practical Guide to Consumer Lending (Part 3)

12/12 - Advanced HSAs

12/19 - Top 10 HSA Issues

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Upcoming 2019 GSB Schools

The Graduate School of Banking is wrapping up a terrific year of educating bankers and creating leaders in the industry. We're proud of our success this year and are enthusiastically looking ahead to hosting an array of exceptional programs in 2019. 
Now is the time to budget and make plans to include these outstanding learning opportunities in your bank's professional development plan. 
Applications are currently being accepted for the following 2019 programs: 
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ABA Training

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Self-Paced Professional Suites Online Training

Banking Basics Suite
Member Price - $595
This suite of 12 courses is a comprehensive introduction to the banking industry.
Audience: For onboarding, and anyone who needs an introduction to banking.

ABA's extensive suite of online training brings unmatched content in an interactive, digital format that responds to the industry's changing demographics 

Online training is flexible, cost-effective, high-quality and engaging

Self-Paced Online Training is taken entirely on your own schedule and offered in several different bank job roles

Teller Basics Suite
Member Price - $150
This suite of six courses teaches critical customer service and technical skills, from handling checks and cash to processing deposits and withdrawals, and more.
Audience: For onboarding newly hired tellers.

Management Essentials Suite
Member Price - $275
This suite of six courses explores best practices for successfully managing employees, from interviewing to managing performance.
Audience: First-time managers who need an introduction to management and leadership skills or experienced supervisors who want a refresher.

Leadership in Action Suite
Member Price - $195
This suite of five courses explores techniques and best practices for cultivating a collaborative team environment.
Audience: This suite provides first-time and experienced managers with tools on empowering individuals and positively handling change to creating team-supported vision and achieving goals.

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ABA Banking Foundations Professional Suites

Fundamentals of Consumer Lending
Member Price - $95
This suite of two courses explores the consumer lending process from terminology to the application process to customer communications.
Audience: Any bank personnel with little or no experience in consumer lending.

Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
Member Price - $95
This suite of two courses explores the characteristics, expectations, and operational needs of small businesses.
Audience: Bank personnel with limited exposure to the small business market who are responsible for servicing or selling to small business customers.

Coaching to Support the Sales Process Suite
Member Price - $55
This suite of three courses and one exercise module explores best practices for providing successful sales coaching.
Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads of branch and administrative office sales staff, call center staff, tellers, new hires, and anyone who may interact with customers.

Essentials of Workplace Conduct
Member Price - $95
Explores the four principles that guide appropriate actions to take in unfamiliar situations.
Audience: Bank personnel in the branch and administrative office environments.

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