South Dakota Banking Code

South Dakota Banking Code is the state codified laws specific to banking: Title 51-A (Banks and Banking), Title 54 (Debtor and Creditor), Chapter 4-6A (Insurance of Public Deposits), Chapter 10-43 (Income Tax on Banks and Financial Corporations), and Chapter 43-41B (Uniform Unclaimed Property Act).


Title 51A Banks and Banking

Chapter 51A-1: Definitions, General Provisions and Penalties
Chapter 51A-2: Division of Banking
Chapter 51A-3: Organization, Applications and Capital Structure of Banking Corporations
Chapter 51A-4: General Powers of Banks
Chapter 51A-5: Trust Business of Banks
Chapter 51A-6: Trust Companies
Chapter 51A-6A: Creation of Trust Companies
Chapter 51A-7: Branch Banks and Drive-In Facilities
Chapter 51A-8: Remote Service Units
Chapter 51A-9: Bank Service Corporations
Chapter 51A-10: Bank Deposits
Chapter 51A-11: Safe Deposit and Safekeeping
Chapter 51A-12: Bank Loans
Chapter 51A-13: Bank Records, Accounts and Reports
Chapter 51A-14: Reorganization of Banks
Chapter 51A-15: Suspension and Liquidation of Banks
Chapter 51A-16: Money Order Business Licenses [Repealed]
Chapter 51A-17: Money Transmission

Title 54 Debtor and Creditor

Chapter 54-1: Definitions and General Provisions
Chapter 54-2: Payment of Debts
Chapter 54-3: Interest and Usury
Chapter 54-3A: Consumer Installment Sales Contracts
Chapter 54-4: Money Lending Licenses
Chapter 54-5: Installment Loans [Repealed]
Chapter 54-6: Small Installment Loans and Consumer Finance [Repealed]
Chapter 54-6A: Lease-Purchase Agreements for Personal Property
Chapter 54-7: Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales [Repealed]
Chapter 54-8: Acts in Fraud of Creditors
Chapter 54-8A: Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
Chapter 54-9: Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
Chapter 54-10: Secured Creditors' Claims in Liquidation Proceedings
Chapter 54-11: Credit Cards and Revolving Charge Accounts
Chapter 54-12: Reverse Mortgage Loans
Chapter 54-13: State Farm Mediation Board
Chapter 54-14: Mortgage Lender Business
Chapter 54-15: Security Freeze on Credit Report
Chapter 54-16: Credit Reporting Security Freeze for Protected Consumers

Title 4 Public Fiscal Administration

Chapter 4-6A: Insurance of Public Deposits

Title 10 Taxation

Chapter 10-43: Income Tax on Banks and Financial Corporations

Title 22 Crimes

Chapter 22-46: Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Elders or Adults with Disabilities

Chapter 37-24: Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection

37-24-57Report by financial institution of exploitation of elder or adult with disability.
37-24-58Cooperation of financial institution with investigation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of elder or adult with disability.

Title 43 Property

Chapter 43-41B: Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

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