from the South Dakota Bankers Foundation and Your Bank...

Scholarships are available in $500 increments to the first 180 banks/branches who agree to match an equal amount. A total of one-hundred eighty $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors on behalf of their sponsoring banks and the South Dakota Bankers Foundation.

Foundation Requirements

  • Banks who participated in the High School Scholarship Capital Campaign will be eligible to complete this
  • Student(s) must be a high school senior who plans to attend an accredited South Dakota college, university, vocational technical school, or community college on a full-time basis.
  • Winners agree to have their names released to the media.
  • Other eligibility requirements as determined by the sponsoring bank.
Download Request Form Suggested Criteria 


Requests are due December 20, 2019

You will be notified when we receive your forms.

Parent banks will be notified in January 2020 of the number of $500 scholarships bank and/or branch(es) will be awarded. Checks will be sent the first week in February 2020.

Send the application by mail, fax or email to:

South Dakota Bankers Foundation
PO Box 1081, Pierre, SD 57501
Fax: 605-224-7835 * Email: [email protected]

Questions: Call 605-224-1653