Graduate School of Banking-Wisconsin

Since 1945, the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been educating professionals and creating leaders in the banking industry. When you choose to attend the nation’s most comprehensive and respected banking school you’ll benefit from a curriculum that is uniquely tailored to meet the professional development needs of today’s banking leaders.

GSB relies on its alumni, Academic Committee, Banker Advisory Board and sponsoring state bankers associations to ensure our program offerings are the highest quality, most relevant education available. We understand you have choices when it comes to executive-level education. That’s why we encourage you to choose wisely—and select a program from the nation’s best, and most progressive, graduate banking school.

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Other Programs:

Curriculum - GSB's in-depth courses and learning environment is designed to help you understand and address complex challenges in the financial services

Faculty - GSB instructors are widely recognized experts and teachers. Many are bankers, former bankers, economists and industry consultants who bring real-world business savvy and practical, illustrative examples to the classroom.

Active Learning - GSB students are actively involved in the learning process through bank simulations, computer labs, intersession projects, case studies and unparalleled networking with peers.

Staff - GSB staff have decades of experience in financial services and professional education. You’ll be working with professionals who understand the needs of adult learners and who are committed to ensuring an exceptional learning experience for every student.

Campus - our affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, home to one of the top 15 business schools in the country, gives students access to world-class facilities and a vibrant campus community.

Scholarships - more than $225,000 in annual scholarships are available through the Herbert V. Prochnow Educational Foundation.

Student Diversity - GSB students come from around the world, from banks large and small, and with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. What GSB students share is a passion for excellence and a desire to improve their banks and their careers through world-class education.

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