Curt Everson

After 18 years as president of the South Dakota Bankers Association, Curt Everson has exchanged his lobbyist badge for golf clubs and his corner office for fulltime grandpa duty. Stop by on Monday at 6-7 p.m. MDT to wish Curt and Roxy well on this exciting new chapter of their lives.

Mike Geesey

Last June, Mike Geesey retired from the Wyoming Bankers Association after eight and- a-half years as executive director. Stop by on Monday at 6-7 p.m. MDT to say goodbye to Mike and Lisa as they begin a long and enjoyable retirement of golf and travel.


Come out from under the COVID cloud and connect with friends and colleagues 7-9 p.m. MDT on Monday. Be captivated by Nicholas Tweedy’s roaming performance. A mentalist, magician and entertainer, Tweedy has stunned audiences all around the world, from the dark European forests of Transylvania to the bright lights of Las Vegas Boulevard. As credit cards fly through the air, business cards burst into flames, solid objects twist and warp, Tweedy reads people’s thoughts and makes impossible yet correct predictions. Reality as you know it is not just suspended but bent completely out of shape. With style, charm and humor, Tweedy captivates his audience, holding them completely within his spell.


Convention may be a wrap but stick around and celebrate with old and new friends alike. We promise good food, good fellowship and a good old-fashioned border FEUD. Family Feud, Quad States style, to be exact. We hear that Richard Dawson (millennials, look him up!) will be making a special appearance complete with leisure suit and carnation. He will host this battle between South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The winner takes all!

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