The convention program is an 8.5” x 11” booklet. All ads are in full color. Bleeds are not available, except on inside front and inside back covers.

Ad Sizes
(width x height)

Inside Front Cover (8.5" x 11")
Inside Back Cover (8.5" x 11")
Full-Page Ad (7.5" x 10")
Half-Page Ad (7.5" x 4.75")
Quarter-Page Ad (3.5" x 4.75")

To secure your advertising spot, fill out the business partner payment form and submit it to the SDBA. (If you are sponsoring and receive a complimentary ad, you do not need to complete the advertising section of the payment form.) Email high-resolution PDF, EPS or TIF file to [email protected]. Questions, contact Alisa Bousa, SDBA, at 605.224.1653 or [email protected].