Banking Internships

Photo of a banking professional and two interns. Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in settings outside the classroom. The purpose of an internship program is to provide a practical and intensive training to students who genuinely desire a career in the banking industry.  Students will be able to apply the information they have gained in their classrooms, build meaningful work history, expand their professional skill sets, and lay the foundation to a future career in the banking industry. 

Banks benefit with fresh ideas from readily-equipped interns, completion of important projects which may have been put on hold, and creative ways for recruiting and retaining the next generation of bankers. A bank's internship program will provide the framework necessary to help in creating and expanding a new generation of banking talent.

The SDBA has created the SDBA Banking Internships Guidelines Booklet as a resource for banks to use when creating an internship program. 

Below are some additional resource links from Chegg Internships that can assist a bank in the development of an internship program. 

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