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April, 2018

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SBS Cybersecurity

{Blog} Cybersecurity Primer for Directors

A community bank Board of Directors is typically composed of business leaders often selected for their community knowledge and business development potential. An understanding of cybersecurity is rarely a pre-requisite for a Director, but perhaps it’s time to reconsider the technical knowledge of bank Directors. Today, Board members may understand IT threats at a high-level, but most Directors are not sure what types of questions to ask the Information Security Officer in the first place.

Role of Directors in Cybersecurity

Historically, Information Technology (IT) and Information Security (IS; including cybersecurity) have not been high-priority Board agenda items. The focus of attention has long been directed toward growing a profitable institution. Today, cybersecurity and IT risk management should be a significant component of a Board’s agenda packet, garnering equivalent focus as established agenda topics such as lending, interest rate risk, and compliance. As the significance of cybersecurity continues to expand due to regulatory mandates, implementation of and reliance on new technologies, and the mobility of data, Directors and executive management will frequently be challenged to balance cybersecurity issues and business objectives. Continue Reading

{Featured Certification} Certified Banking Ethical Hacker

  • Course opens 4/09/18
  • Price: $999
  • Online/On-demand
  • Self-paced
  • Allowed 10 weeks to complete
  • See the list of topics.


  • Gain real-world cybersecurity defense knowledge and skills you can put to use immediately.
  • Take security into your own hands with the ability to run basic scanning processes on demand as threats arise.
  • Better understand your risks so you can better communicate them to your team.
  • Receive assistance with the Cybersecurity Controls domain of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment. 
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{More Certifications}

  • CB Security Technology Professional
    Course Opens Apr 2
    Learn More

  • CB Vulnerability Assessor
    Course Opens Apr 16
    Learn More

  • CB Mobile Administrator
    Course Opens Apr 23
    Learn More

  • CB Security Manager
    Course Opens May 7
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04/03 - Lending to Local Government Units

04/03 - Right of Rescission - Review and Update

04/04 - Role of the Information Security Officer

04/04 - Letters of Credit

04/05 - Regulatory Pressure on Third Party Management

04/05 - Vital Check and Deposit Issues - Part II

04/06 - Uniform Commercial Code Rules: How to Comply to Attach and Perfect Secured Transactions

04/09 - Commercial & Business Lending Basics for Support Personnel

04/11 - Reg E Compliance - Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes

04/11 - Strategies to Win the War: Capitalizing on Your Competitive Advantages

04/12 - Marketing & Advertising Compliance

04/12 - BSA: CIP and CDD

04/13 - Excel Explained: Creating Interactive Spreadsheets

04/17 - Flood Insurance Compliance

04/18 - Robbery Prevention & Response

04/19 - Legal Issues of Checks

04/24 - Fair Lending - Do Your Lenders Know the Requirements?

04/25 - Unclaimed Property Compliance for Financial Institutions

04/25 - Creating the Right Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program for YOUR Community Bank

04/26 - Safe Deposit Danger Zones - Disaster Recovery Program

04/26 - Opening Minor Accounts

04/27 - Building Beneficial Ownership Procedures

04/30 - Opening Deposit Accounts for Nonresident Aliens - Changes on the W-8BEN


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April Webinars

04/03 - Advanced Cash Flow Analysis - Sp18

04/04 - Everything Roth - Sp18

04/05 - Community Bank Mergers and Acquisitions Simplified

04/05 - Unparalleled Funding Opportunities for Front-Line Bankers

04/10 - Advanced Tax Return Analysis

04/11 - Trusts for Planning, Privacy and Protection

04/11 - IRA Beneficiary Distributions

04/12 - Unparalleled Funding Opportunities - Advanced Approaches

04/16 - Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market

04/19 - Are You Ready for CECL?

04/23 - Preparing for the First Call on a Prospect

04/24 - Landscape of Agriculture Today and Tomorrow

04/24 - Why the Future Belongs to Great Collaboration Between Banks, FinTech Companies and Millennials

04/25 - Retirement Rollovers: Are You Ready?

04/25 - Predicting Future Job Performance through Behavioral Based Interviews

04/26 - Cash Management: How Sales, Operations and Technology Can Work Together to Generate More Fee Income

04/27 - Interviewing Skills for Better Hires

05/01 - Commercial Construction Loans: Administering and Monitoring

05/01 - Employment Law Update

05/01 - Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy

05/01 - Business Cash Flow Basics and Global Cash Flow Integration Issues for Lenders and Analysts

05/01 - Understanding C&I Loan Structuring, Loan Agreements and Covenants

05/01 - Financial Statement Projections: Tools for Making a Simplified and Effective Forecast

05/02 - The Business of Banking: Understanding the Factors that Drive Bank Profitability

05/02 - Expanding World of HSAs

05/03 - When a Customer Dies

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Upcoming 2018 GSB Schools

The Graduate School of Banking is wrapping up a terrific year of educating bankers and creating leaders in the industry. We're proud of our success this year and are enthusiastically looking ahead to hosting an array of exceptional programs in 2018. 
Now is the time to budget and make plans to include these outstanding learning opportunities in your bank's professional development plan. 
Applications are currently being accepted for the following 2018 programs: 
We look forward to welcoming you and members of your team to a 2018 school! 
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American Bankers Association

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Online Facilitated Courses

Building Customer Relationships
April 2, 2018 – Member Price: $215

Consumer Lending
April 9, 2018 – Member Price: $500 w/text

Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending
April 9, 2018 – Member Price: $300

Managing Interest Rate Risk
April 9, 2018 – Member Price: $875 w/text

Basic Administrative Duties of a Trustee
April 16, 2018 – Member Price: $300

The Banking Industry
May 7, 2018 – Member Price: $215

Marketing in Banking
May 7, 2018 – Member Price: $300

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ABA Certificates

ABA Certificate in Trust: Foundational

Strengthen or establish your understanding of basic wealth management and trust principles online. Provides an introduction to estate planning, trust administration, investment management concepts and ethical behavior. For those wishing to earn the CTFA designation, the ABA Certificate in Trust: Foundational satisfies the first of three levels of study required to sit for the exam.

ABA Professional Certifications: 12.5 CTFA; 8.5 CSOP; 6.5 CRSP; 5.75 CCTS, 4.75 CISP​

Member Price: $1,495


  • A Guide to Ethics in Fiduciary and Trust Activities
  • A Guide ​to Ethics in Investments
  • Estate and Guardian Administration
  • Introduction to Estate Planning
  • Introduction to Investment Management
  • Introduction to IRAs
  • Introduction to Planning for Retirement Assets
  • Introduction to Trust Administration
  • Minimizing Fiduciary Risk and Litigation​

The estimated time to complete the 9 required courses is approximately 10 hours.

ABA Customer Service Representative Certificate

Develop the key skills essential to successful customer service and relationship-building. Gain a broad understanding of bank products to be able to better cross-sell products and services. Learn ways to cultivate relationships with customers and discover tactics for responding to customer needs. Become better able to successfully resolve customer problems and objections.

ABA Professional Certifications: 1.5 CAFP, CFSSP, CRCM, CLBB; 1.25 CFMP, CSOP; 1 CCTS, CISP, CRSP, CTFA

Member Price: $795


  • Banking Basics Suite (12 courses)
  • Communication Basics Suite (3 courses)
  • Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
  • Effective Referrals Suite (2 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Online Communications Suite (2 courses)
  • Overcoming Objections Suite (3 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Relationship Sales Suite (2 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Understanding Bank Products
  • Verbal Communications Suite (3 courses)
  • Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite (5 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Written Communication Suite (3 courses)

ABA Bank Teller Certificate

Develop essential bank teller skills. Master core competencies such as cash handling, check cashing, deposit and withdrawal processing, cash payments, and daily settlements of teller cash and proof transactions. Develop a broad understanding of bank products. Build interpersonal skills that are effective with both customers and co-workers. 

ABA Professional Certifications: 1.5 CAFP, CFSSP, CRCM, CLBB; 1.25 CFMP, CSOP; 1 CCTS, CISP, CRSP, CTFA

Member Price: $695


  • Banking Basics Suite (12 courses)
  • Communication Basics Suite (3 courses)
  • Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
  • Effective Referrals Suite (2 courses + 1 exercise)
  • Essentials of Workplace Conduct
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Online Communications Suite (2 courses)
  • Teller Basics Suite (6 courses)
  • Verbal Communications Suite (3 courses)
  • Written Communication Suite (3 courses)

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