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ABA’s extensive suite of online training delivers unmatched content in an interactive, digital format that responds to the industry’s changing demographics. Flexible and cost-effective, online training offers high-quality and engaging  learning experiences that leverage ABA’s broad network of experts.

ABA offers two types of online training to suit your learning preferences. Self-paced online courses are taken entirely on your own schedule, and facilitated online courses offer group collaboration and a virtual instructor, with fixed start and end dates.


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 How It Works

Each AIB Instructor-Led Online Course is facilitated by an instructor who guides the class through the course and provide feedbacks on your assignments.
Every week, your instructor posts a new assignment. Assignments may include:
  • Reading a chapter in your textbook or online
  • Completing a short assignment and either sending the assignment via email to your instructor or posting it on the electronic class Discussion Board
  • Taking a self-check test to verify your understanding of the material
 In addition, you also will have some assignments where you collaborate with other students using electronic discussion boards and e-mail. You complete each assignment during the week, but at your convenience.

Exams and Proctoring

The semester-length courses last for 16 weeks, including a week dedicated to the mid-term examination and the final examination. Exams and the self-check quizzes for each assignment are taken over the Internet and proctored by someone in your bank. Your overall grade for the class will be based on a combination of your performance on the weekly assignments, class participation, mid-term examination and the final examination. Courses that are less than 16 weeks in length have at least one graded measurement of learning, typically a final exam.
Many of these 16 week courses require a proctor for the midterm and final exam. You will need to identify a person from your institution who will proctor the exam for you. This person should be your Human Resources Training Manager, supervisor, or someone from the management team of your organization.
 If you do not work with an institution, you may want to contact a university/college, Library, or a Testing Center close to you to proctor your exam. However, we should have the telephone number of your proctor in case we need to reach that person for verification. A relative cannot proctor the exam. All participants must abide by the ABA/AIB exam policy. There are no exceptions.

Required Software

Microsoft Excel is required for some courses. Download a PDF of the Technical Specifications for the ABA LMS here.

Whether you are starting out in banking or taking your career one step forward, you can achieve your professional development goals and make a difference in your bank beginning today with AIB!

For more information contact Jeanine Dyce at the South Dakota Bankers Association.