Education Overview

The South Dakota Bankers Association offers many educational seminars, workshops, programs and schools. Innovative delivery methods using the latest technology assure that top-quality training is available for everyone.

Top quality training products and services are available anytime, anywhere... online. Discover the advantages of Internet-based professional education at your convenience and at your own pace. South Dakota Bankers Association offers several different vendors that will provide you with state-of-the art online training opportunities and people management tools.

What is the difference between the learning styles?

Webinars: Interactive internet learning session that requires a telephone line and an internet connection.

Online Instructor Led: Web-based college course led by an instructor for a given time frame.

Self-Paced Online: Work at your own pace, with an "anytime-anywhere" feel. Some courses require materials, others don't

Podcasts: Downloadable Seminars as a format of a seminar that you can download to your computer and MP3 player. You can listen to your seminar and follow along with the PowerPoint presentation in note-taking format.

Teleseminar: Live webinar using your telephone for audio, and your computer screen for the presentation.

On-Demand Seminar: Live Tele-Web Seminars that have been recorded and put into a format to watch at your own convenience. The program can be viewed at any time with 24 hour availability. You can watch a portion of the program and come back and pick up where you left off! You, also, have the advantage of being able to review the program at will in case you need a refresher. Anyone at your branch can access the program from a computer using the login and password.

Why should I get a diploma or certification?

Certifications: Earning and maintaining a professional certification is not only an excellent way to obtain that level of proficiency, it's also a visible reminder of your dedication to developing your career.

Diplomas: Diplomas, which take longer to complete, provide broader and more in-depth coverage of banking as a profession.